NAS Collective

Brand Identity & clothing designer.

"Live for the Snow"

NAS Collective is a new clothing and video production snowboarding brand. Established by two veteran snowboarders who have instructed for years they wanted to develop a brand that would enable them to create the apparel that the industry has lacked. A focus on style and function while also continuing to produce their high quality snowboard videos.

My role was a brand identity and apparel designer. The logo had to really pop in the clothing design whilst clearly setting the scene of those blue bird days with snow all over the mountain. It also needed to give the video production the ability to animate the logo as motion graphics are a huge part of the video production.

NAS Collective Logo
NAS logo breakdown.
The brand had to work with multiple colours in mind.
NAS Beanie Hat
First product, beanies!

NAS Business Cards
Business Cards
Homepage Concept
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