Airsweb Product Branding

Creating a sub brand identity for Airsweb's flagship product AVA and the suite of apps and products it powers.

Case Study

"A New Tier of Branding"

A suite of amazing products needs a stylish and modern brand presence. User’s need to be able to quickly identify the apps and technologies that belong to the Airsweb brand. This new tier of branding represents the modern approach of the business and their commitment to powerful EHS software solutions.

How it Works

From the minimal flat surfaces found in Airsweb products, a white disc separates and rises above the surface. This leaves an indent in its place, the disc can travel in any direction leaving behind a trail of colour.

The disk casts a subtle shadow on the surfaces below. Disk height is represented by the softness of the shadow beneath it. Light can be cast from any angle around the disc moving the shadow accordingly. The colourful gradients help to show movement and direction. From light to dark the trail left by the disc is similar to switches found in modern user interfaces.

A combination of multiple discs allows for a sequence of trails, creating an easily identifiable image to represent Airsweb’s products.

The Design Process

Branding resembles the modern UI and UX principles that Airsweb believes in. Switches and intuitive controls are at the forefront of the Airsweb experience. Simple geometric shapes are created in increments of 8 to help maintain an even scale between elements. The elements are then spaced with increments of 4 to fit a square that is also based on multiples of 8. Once shadow and colour gradients are applied the brand look is minimal, striking and expresses depth. A depth that is representative of the drill down nature of the powerful technologies that drive the Airsweb AVA echo-system. The result is an instantly recognisable suite of incredible apps powered by Airsweb AVA.

Colours & Gradient

The colour palette grows with two new swatches. The new colours work in harmony with the existing brand whilst also being interchangeable with each other. Gradients help to express motion and depth.


A sleek minimal image should be accompanied with an elegant font that displays the premium offerings from Airsweb. At the same time, it should fit nicely with any fonts used in the previous Airsweb branding. The secondary font introduced helps portray the elegant complex technology behind the product. The Airsweb company name is made smaller on this brand tier and allows the product name to take centre stage.

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